Holistic therapy is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.


AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. Developed by Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils, the AromaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. The technique is simple and intuitive and uses Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience. 



For the ultimate in stress relief and rejuvenation, try a Reiki session. Hospitals, medical offices and spas across the country are using this thousand-year-old Eastern healing treatment in response to the growing understanding of Reiki as a powerful non-intrusive tool for health and longevity.

Reiki is a form of “hands-on-healing” in which the practitioner works with universal life force energy to restore the client’s energy centers (chakras) to their most natural state of flow. This process helps to restore and strengthen the whole system—mind, body, spirit—for wellness. Reiki is great for anyone seeking relief from ailments such as stress, physical pain, anxiety, arthritis, depression and fibromyalgia.

Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath

This foot bath relaxes, cleanses, balances and enhances the bio energy of the body. Chinese medicine refers to this energy as “Qi” (pronounced chee).

We believe, due to the effects of the Ion generator, that complex energy fields can permeate and realign the body’s energy field while improving oxygen levels. The foot bath is widely used to increase both physical and mental energy, vitality, and stamina.

At the same time it may also purge the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign material clogging up the skin – an essential part of the body’s system of elimination. The internal cleansing promoted by an ionic foot bath also can include parasite cleansing and liver and kidney detoxification.


Detox Herbal Body Wrap

Start off with a lymphatic drainage technique followed by an application of coconut oil and a powerful blend of therapeutic grade essential oils: Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry, known for their detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver function, while Tangerine and Geranium have purifying effects against unhealthy substances.

This blend supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances. Then we apply an herbal wrap blend around your thighs, stomach, and arms. The herbal blend includes Ginger Root, Rosemary Leaf, Allspice Berry, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Clove Stems. These herbs help release toxins out of your lymphatic system while being cocooned in a thermal blanket.

Make sure you bring a bathing suit!


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing.

Cupping helps reduce pain, promotes relaxation, boosts skin health, helps treat respiratory issues and colds, and improves digestion.

Suction is created using heat (fire) or mechanical devices (hand or electrical pumps).

Cupping is often compared to acupuncture.and shares similar properties and benefits.


Nutritional Therapy is rooted in the concept that given the right foods and tools, our bodies are amazing at rebalancing our systems to achieve health. Our bodies crave balance. Perfect homeostasis. However, with all the toxins, chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, and stress we have in our lives it’s hard to just be healthy. We need a greater awareness of the things that cause our bodies to go out of balance.

Eating right, which was once intuitive has become harder to recognize as our world is bombarded with more tempting foodstuffs that hijack our tastebuds and make us think we need it. Cody can help to clear the clutter of what is food and what is not serving your body well, and potentially even depleting your body of necessary nutrients.

The body is precious.
It is our vehicle for awakening.
Treat it with care.
— Buddha